Yowamushi Pedal BD Volume 4


Probably Free or Monogatari next.

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19 Responses to “Yowamushi Pedal BD Volume 4”

  1. Jenelly says:

    Monogatari pls

  2. Skenn says:

    Well it’s logical IMO, at least commercially. How are people who didn’t watch the first “season” supposed to catch up besides hacking (which don’t make any money obviously) ?
    As for me I was planning on rewatching the show and I would have liked to watch the BD remastered version, that’s all, nothing important.

    • herkz says:

      but the arcs are mostly unrelated, so you probably only need to have seen her arc in bake to understand hana

      • Anon says:

        Not in this case, given that Hanamonogatari is the last novel chronologically speaking (Arararagi is in college) and characters like Kaiki and Ougi are part of it, it’s necessary to have watched the previous seasons to fully understand it.

        Just like you also need to watch Kizumonogatari’s movie, released in 2012, to fully understand references or characters like Episode in Neko White.

  3. animenewbie says:

    Hana starts May 31. According to studio website, Vol 5 (Nadeko Medusa + Shinobu Time, maybe?) is out Apr 23 and Vol 6 (Hitagi End?) on Jun 25.

    Kizu is a prequel. So, overall, series, BD and film continuity would be well-synced, I think.

    • herkz says:

      i think you mean volume 8 and volume 9, but yes

      • animenewbie says:

        Ah, I see it on CR now. Vols 6 & 7 would be eps 14 – 17, released April 23 and May 28. Presumably then, vols 8 & 9 would be eps 18 – 23.

        So Vol 5 would be eps 10 – 13? My completist self will look forward to it, of course.