Zone of the Enders: 2167 Idolo

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18 Responses to “Zone of the Enders: 2167 Idolo”

  1. bbo says:

    *checking tt for something new to watch*seing commie in the first line*da faq?!

  2. Infralion says:

    Fucking love you guys. And the Jojo theme is brilliant.

  3. Shawn263241 says:

    Do I need to know any of the backstory to understand and enjoy this?

  4. baka-chan says:


  5. Oburian says:

    jehuty in ten eighty pee

  6. Ziron says:

    Any plans for “Dolores, I” or is this just a one-off?

  7. anon says:

    Zone of Swagger?

  8. Dingo says:

    Jehuty isn’t even in this if I remember correctly. This is quite old unless its a new version or season that has just come out.

  9. Otakudemon says:

    yyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhh……………..this has been out a while. back when i actually had money an cared about copywrite laws I got this ova with my complete series set from funimationfor ~$30