Ookiku Furikabutte BD Volume 2


sadly, subbing this has not really gotten any easier. that said, a decent amount of the delay was because i had to deal with IRL stuff, but that IRL stuff is no longer a problem, so i should be able to finish the rest of the show at a decent pace.

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Nisekoi BD Batch


Feeling cute. Might do S2 later.

Special thanks to Zastin for writing the VapourSynth Script and euric and Catullus for TLing the songs.

If you catch any mistakes feel free to yell at me in the Commie Discord or pm me on reddit @ /u/Tehshower

Also I’m looking for an editor who will sub the hamefura bds with me

Stay safe out there. I’m gonna go back to making irresponsible financial decisions and losing more dota games

skid note: new encodes, so no patches. no 720p because reasons.

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Ookiku Furikabutte BD Volume 1


as you may know, i am contractually obligated by the cartel to sub every baseball anime that’s ever been made. for real though, i watched this ~10 years ago not long after it aired and loved it, so when the BD box came out 2 and half years ago, i wanted to sub it. it just took me this long to get around to it.

now, for some details about the release. the video is unsurprisingly of SD quality since season 1 aired in 2007. however, it seems like the BD master at least was a simple bilinear upscale from 540p, so i could reverse that and make it look slightly better than a simple downscale. this also has the added benefit of being able to copy over the chroma exactly for a 4:4:4 encode.

the subs are based on the official subs from funi, which are actually kind of bad, so this took longer than i thought it would. the alternative is (hardsubbed) fansubs from some of the worst fansub groups ever, so i guess i have no choice. weirdly enough most of the baseball terminology is fine. the rest is just really sloppy and weird and needs a lot of editing.

as for typesetting, since the video is so small, it can be hard to make it look decent. thankfully, there isn’t much typesetting to go around so far.

why 7 episodes? because that’s how many you can fit on a BD50 at the standard quality. volume 2 and 3 also have 7 episodes for this reason, with all the extras (NCOPs/NCEDs) on the 4th BD.

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso OAD


oh boy, there’s quite a long story behind this release. when the DVD with this OAD first came out 5 years ago, it was translated and about 2/3rds edited not long after. however, the editing never quite finished and the typesetter disappeared, so it got stalled. then, about a year ago, the editor told me he finally finished, so i was going to typeset the DVD version myself after i subbed the BDs for this show (despite typesetting DVDs being a pain in the ass). thankfully, this show got a BD box in april that includes the OAD in HD, making subbing it considerably easier. so here it is.

anyway, since i bothered downloading the BD box, i guess i’ll sub the BDs for this show sooner rather than later now.

p.s. despite being set before the anime, you shouldn’t watch it until after since it spoils the ending.

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Koyomimonogatari Volume 1

1080p | 720p

can you believe it’s been 4 and a half years since this came out and there still aren’t good subs? i guess what they say is true. if you want something done right, do it yourself. although i didn’t typeset all of the titles during the OPs because some of them are a shitload of work that can’t be reused when they all say the same thing.

anyway, i haven’t even started working on the second volume yet, so it might be a while.

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