Natsume Yuujinchou – Ishi Okoshi to Ayashiki Raihousha


So this is less a movie and more just two episodes of the TV series basically. It’s also adapted from the manga instead original like the last movie. As for the staff who worked on this, Myaamori translated it and I did the rest.

This movie contains a 3.1 audio track that seems to me to be weirdly mixed, but I don’t have a surround sound setup to confirm. If you run into any issues, there’s also a stereo track.

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Happy-Go-Lucky Days BD

1080p | 720p

The main difference between this and previous web release is the 1080p encode has 5.1 audio (which I guess makes sense, since it’s a movie). The subs are completely unchanged and the video is probably only slightly better due to the very low bitrate needed.

Also, this appears to be a native 1080p anime, so the 720p release is not recommended.

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Lupin the Third The Italian Game


This is the TV special/movie associated with part 4 of the TV series, aka “Lupin the Third (2015)” which we previously subbed. While it does reuse parts of the 2nd OVA, episode 1, and episode 3 of the TV series, it has enough new content and uses them in a new way that it’s still worth watching. Also, fun fact: this movie was shown subbed at Anime Expo in July 2017, and then never released in any form until it started streaming on Amazon just a few days ago. In any case, this is likely the last Lupin thing we’ll sub unless they make another TV series (which I sincerely hope they do).

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Christmas Presents 2020

Tokyo Godfathers
1080p | 720p

The quintessential Christmas anime. Earlier this year, this movie got a US BD release based on a “4K Remaster.” I don’t know about the 4K part since it was just a regular BD, but the video sure looks way better than the old BD. They actually stabilized the scan, so I didn’t have to motion track every sign this time, which is nice. It’s possible there’s some future Japanese (or other country) release based on this remaster that looks better than the US BD, but it’d have to look a lot better for me to v2 this since the video quality of the US BD is so good. As for the subs, the US BD release touched up the official subs a bit, so I applied most of those changes. I had to re-do the timing and typesetting for the most part anyway so that’s also better. The disc also includes a brand new English dub that seems decent. Lastly, I muxed in the Spanish subs that were on the disc because why not? They appear to be for the Japanese audio, not the dub, although that’s probably what you would naturally assume.

Ghost in the Shell Arise Batch
1080p | 720p

I was gonna work on this like 4 or 5 years ago and finally got around to finishing it, mostly because the Italian BDs got uploaded a few months ago. Here’s a list of changes.

-New encode from the Italian BDs, which look slightly better than the Japanese BDs.
-Every ED is now translated as two were originally skipped for some reason.
-The first two movies now have QC as I didn’t originally QC them before release. Because of this, they have the most changes.
-The dub is now included and the sign translations match the dub.
-The movies have chapters since they’re clearly split up into an intro/OP/movie/ED/preview structure.
-Styling and terminology is made consistent throughout.

Our existing releases of what is essentially the fifth movie (Alternative Architecture: Pyrophoric Cult) and the sixth movie (The New Movie) were already done to similar QC standards, so there’s no reason to v2 any of them (and they should still be seeded decently well). Although for whatever reason, Funi never dubbed Pyrophoric Cult, so obviously it’s impossible to upload a dubbed release. Also, you may notice the fourth movie appears to be set at Christmas!

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Happy-Go-Lucky Days


Guess I didn’t have to wait for the BD to come out to sub this since Sentai licensed it for streaming (though the video is sourced from VRV since that’s almost surely much higher quality). This movie also seems to be animated at 1080p, so between that and the already small filesize, I don’t see any point in 720p.

There’s some faint dialogue during the OP which seems to be voice actors in the movie reading some of the other characters’ lines. It’s kinda hard to make most of them out and it looks weird to have dialogue subbed during the OP, so I just skipped it.

P.S. I could’ve saved this for Christmas, but I figured I’d release it since none of the ripping groups even bothered to rip this for some reason. Sad!

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