Happy-Go-Lucky Days


Guess I didn’t have to wait for the BD to come out to sub this since Sentai licensed it for streaming (though the video is sourced from VRV since that’s almost surely much higher quality). This movie also seems to be animated at 1080p, so between that and the already small filesize, I don’t see any point in 720p.

There’s some faint dialogue during the OP which seems to be voice actors in the movie reading some of the other characters’ lines. It’s kinda hard to make most of them out and it looks weird to have dialogue subbed during the OP, so I just skipped it.

P.S. I could’ve saved this for Christmas, but I figured I’d release it since none of the ripping groups even bothered to rip this for some reason. Sad!

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Natsume Yuujinchou The Movie


I know the filename is a bit weird being partially in Japanese and partially in English, but I figured this would get the most search hits with stuff like “Natsume movie” or “Natsume Yuujinchou movie.” (Not to mention it’s technically the official English title for the movie.) I also included both 5.1 and 2.0 audio since I’m only releasing it at 720p. Anyway, if you’re wondering, it was translated by Myaamori with some TLC by Unbased, and I obviously did the rest. It’s a very good movie and you should watch it.

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Kizumonogatari Batch

1080p | 720p | Patches

The main thing that’s changed is the previews for consistency. There are also some minor typos and other consistency fixes. If you’ve already watched the movies, there’s not really anything important changed.

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Kizumonogatari 03 END

1080p | 720p

Batch in a few days.

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High Speed! Free! Starting Days

1080p | 720p

I guess it’s a good thing I waited for Funi’s BD release, because it looks a lot better. And if you’re wondering, the intended viewing order is the release order, so season 1, season 2, this movie, Take Your Marks, and then season 3. Not very useful if you’ve already watched season 3, but there might be some people who haven’t started the series yet.

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