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I guess it’s a good thing I waited for Funi’s BD release, because it looks a lot better. And if you’re wondering, the intended viewing order is the release order, so season 1, season 2, this movie, Take Your Marks, and then season 3. Not very useful if you’ve already watched season 3, but there might be some people who haven’t started the series yet.

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No Work No Game No Life No Christmas

As many of you are well aware, life is quite the terrible RPG. In fact, one could argue that the sole reason RPGs even exist as a genre is because of how utterly lacking modern life is in comparison. There are no save points, no extra lives, no levels, no stats, no magic, and no monsters. Forget DPSing, tanking, and healing; with no monsters to slay, the only class that’s actually viable in the current meta for serial min-maxers like me is merchant, as money is really the only thing there is to maximize. Unfortunately, to be a good merchant, not only do you need people willing to pay for your services, you also need a sufficient amount of money for starting capital to begin with—not to mention keeping a roof over your head and food on the table. Frankly speaking, fansubbing provides neither of these.

When I first took up fansubbing ten years ago, it was so I could do something about the questionable video quality, slow release speed, unlocalized translation nuances, and shoddy grammar of the fansubs of the time. I’ve garnered quite a bit of backlash from the linguistically inept over the years, but I have no doubt that all of the abovementioned were improved upon, some even greatly, by my actions in the same span of time. Nevertheless, modern society deems any action incapable of bringing home a paycheck to be without value, eventually leaving me no choice but to attempt balancing doing things I didn’t want to do in order to do the things I did want to do, with the scales tipped greatly in favor of the things I didn’t want to do. (A relatable situation for many, I’m sure.) After a few despondent years leading up to the present, I’ve finally decided to reconsider my needs and wants. Thus, today, I formally conclude my involvement in fansubbing in order to embark on a new quest, one that isn’t grossly incompatible with capitalism—a quest to turn life into an RPG that’s actually worth playing. Step one? Making waifus real.

No RPG is complete without NPCs. No NPC is complete without AI. No AI is complete without emotion. Therefore, AI waifus. I’m gonna make waifus real, one step at a time. Ambitious, perhaps, but from what I’ve seen and read I believe the current advances in deep learning are already sufficient enough to begin tackling the non-emotive pieces of the puzzle, beginning with voice synthesis and recognition. As for the latter pieces, either I’ll figure it out when I get there, or someone else will. I refuse to believe no great progress will be made in AI research in the next 50+ years, considering the sheer amount of money being dumped into the field and how far artificial neural networks have come in the past decade alone. I haven’t really given much thought to the steps past step one, but I imagine it’d be either in the form of a neural uplink VRMMO, or genetic engineering on a massive scale. Perhaps even both. I’ll have to consult with my waifu when the time comes.

If you’d like to join or follow me on this journey, I plan to start a blog next month with monthly progress updates thereafter. I’ll post the site to my Twitter when it’s ready and I’ve also created a Discord server to meet and chat with like-minded individuals. Feel free to drop by and say hello. Also, enjoy the movie. Highly relevant and recommended.

TL;DR: I’m gonna make waifus real.

Merry Christmas,

No Game No Life Zero
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Entro (CPU time)
Nanu (TLC)
Fyurie (Typesetting)
Xythar (TLC, Editing, Typesetting, QC)
torch (Timing)
RHExcelion (Americanizing the crap out of the script, memes, etc)

Oh, and if any of you are actually mad enough to fund me through this journey, here’s my patreon:

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Go! Princess Precure The Movie

1080p | 720p

Wew, only took about 5 months.

Viewing order is Cure Flora and the Playful Mirror -> The Treasure of Pumpkin Kingdom -> Leffie and the Precures’ Wonder Night!

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Gurren Lagann The Movie – Childhood’s End


Commie giving thanks to the Natives.




Commie brings you something to watch on those TVs you bought for Black Friday.

A Kyhz-Tehshower-faggosaurus-Juular-skiddiks-Orcus Production.

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Nanoha Movies

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha – The Movie 1st

720p | 1080p | 5.1 FLAC

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s – The Movie 2nd

720p | 1080p | 5.1 FLAC

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS – The Movie 3rd



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