Dantalian 4


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Summer Book of Friends the Third – 01


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Trying to help fansubbing

Languages are organic. I figured it was time to notify the responsible bodies of the latest developments.


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Changes in the Commie Motif

Need for Reform:

After extensive review, I believe it is high time we at Commie changed our beliefs. This will come in two reforms, as stated below.

Reform #1:

With Horriblesubs killing fansubbing, this thread has taught us that fansubbbers should only sub for profit and e-peen. It would appear that the majority of fans like hardsubs and honorifics. Effective immediately, all Commie releases will now be hardsubbed with honorifics. We will now attempt to delocalize dialogue as much as possible. For example, “Things went just as planned.” would be changed to “Things went just as keikaku.” (with a translator’s note explaining that Keikaku means plan). We believe that this conveys the original Japanese intent much better than translating a word that does not have the same nuances in English. TL Notes are a must, for how else will viewers catch the subtle references to the glorified Japanese culture?

Reform #2:

Here at Commie, we believe we have forsaken our roots. We will now only sub anime that pertain to communist countries as our namesake dictates.


Below is a video that shows proof of our resolution in these reforms. As an addendum to the aforementioned, we will now only release on YouTube, with the videos mirrored for copyright because nobody actually cares about quality as long as it’s the first release. You guys seem to enjoy the videos on autoplay enough anyway.

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Time to break the chain

of the posts containing bloody YT.

Asobi 09 – 720p1080p
Asobi 10 – 720p1080p

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