Free! Dive to the Future BD Volume 2

1080p | 720p

There encodes from this volume onward are going to be a bit cursed because only the first volume of the Japanese BDs was ever uploaded. For the rest, I’m going to be using the US BD release. It does look a bit worse, but it’s obviously still way better than the simulcast, so it’s still worth doing. I also spliced in the OP and ED from the Japanese BDs so you don’t have to see Funi’s disgusting English credits. This is fine for the OP since the credits never change, but it’s a bit of a problem for the ED since they do every episode. Oh well, not like you can read them. And like before, I masked the Japanese hardsubs during the sections where they speak English since Funi’s BDs had them for some reason.

Of course, if someone ever uploads the rest of the Japanese BDs, I’ll v2 all the episodes encoded from the US BDs. It should be pretty trivial since I won’t have to touch the subs or anything. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though, since it’s been over 2 years since the Japanese BDs came out.

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