Free! Eternal Summer BD Volume 2

1080p | 720p

For those that care, apparently the NCOP comes with volume 4 (and NCED presumably 5 or later).

Ping Pong is next (soon?) because nothing else has been uploaded.

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25 Responses to “Free! Eternal Summer BD Volume 2”

  1. erejnion says:

    Status report about *monogatari? Stuck in editing?

  2. YoshiChao says:

    Monogatari S2 where

  3. kabane says:

    Chihayafuru fukken whar

  4. Scrill says:

    every other stalled show/movie/OVA when

  5. Gucio says:

    Sasami BDs?

  6. dicks says:

    where’s the webm autopost by servrhe oh wait lol

  7. Jupiter says:

    Looking forward to the Ping Pong BDs. Good work as always.

  8. Anon says:

    Jojo S1 BDs?

    • herkz says:

      I don’t think those will be happening since it’s a ridiculous amount of work to redo the typesetting.

      S2 on the other hand is much easier, but those haven’t been uploaded yet.

  9. notmeme says:

    Looking forward to the h̶a̶i̶k̶y̶u̶u̶ Ping Pong BDs. Good work as always.

  10. erejnion says:

    “Abyss of Hyperspace: autism level of typesetting the unneeded background details” when?

  11. ccccc says:

    Can I request for the audio commentaries from the Free! BDs to included as well? Not asking them to be subbed or anything just the audio by itself. Thanks!