Free! Eternal Summer BD Volume 6

1080p | 720p

Well, it’s finally here after over a year as Funi’s BD release was finally uploaded. Some notes:

-Like in the “TV” release, episode 12 has two sub tracks. The default track has no subs for the English dialogue as I found it quite easy to understand. The second track has these lines subbed like normal.

-Speaking of episode 12, I used Funi’s video for (most of) the episode as it didn’t have Japanese hardsubs for all the English dialogue. As a trade-off, it looks a bit worse. Mostly because I’m too lazy to merge the sources or something like that.

-As Funi’s BD was uploaded, I can now sub the OVA (which is why I’m releasing this finally). Volume 7 (episode 13/the OVA) are close to done and it should be released in a few days.

See you again soon!

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16 Responses to “Free! Eternal Summer BD Volume 6”

  1. Anon says:

    Holy shiiiit it lives.

  2. Jacob says:

    Any news on monogatari series?

  3. Nodi says:

    Thanks for the release!!! <3 <3
    I'm so happy that you picked up this show! ^__^
    Will you do the Free! High Speed movie as well?

  4. ahriven says:

    Will the you do the batch after vol 7? Cos theres no seed for the previous vols 1-3 ish at nyaa

  5. Chiaki says:

    Hello! I am Spanish, and I use google translator, so sorry for possible mistakes. Will you do the BD Diamons is Unbreakable as they come out?

  6. ty says:

    can someone plz seed the older 720p volumes, stuck on 90% each

  7. ken says:

    Will you guys ever complete Symphogear G BD?