Girls und Panzer 1 (v2)

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Germanfied script was muxed by accident. v1 = More German. v2 = Less German. Let us know which one you prefer.

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266 Responses to “Girls und Panzer 1 (v2)”

  1. scineram says:

    Mehr deutsch bitte!!!

  2. XJ9 says:

    Gee, so many whiners (or should I say ‘wieners’). I would like to say I got a kick out of the occasional German words thrown in. It added to the fun of it all. I mean seriously, Girls und Panzers?!? Those crazy Japanese fanboys get everything they could possibly want!

  3. Watcherzero says:

    Watched it now and while it is overused (why translate bread into German?) all the words were pretty common and simple German that I learned in school as a kid, there wernt any complex words and most of them also were similar to the English equivalents.

    As to the show, pretty bad 2D animation during the 3d animation that looked like Flash or something but the normal 2d animation was fine. The concept of the show as ludicrous but interesting, it showed a wide variety of tanks and that final reveal at the end of the episode…..

  4. Gröfaz says:

    Needs moar German.

  5. Gröfaz says:

    Needs moar German.

  6. WolfScythe says:

    I loved the addition of German words. If people can’t undertand, based on context, a few simple words then how the fuck do they watch fansubs? Seriously, a few German words here and there isn’t anything to gripe about. Get your heads out of your asses, step off of your high horse, and appreciate the fact that you get to learn bits and pieces of a new language, if you haven’t already.

    P.S. Commie, thank you. You are all wonderful

  7. Kresh says:

    Lots of people in these comments bitching about the color of the bowl that their free ice cream was served in.

    The German additions made me giggle (as it was quite in context). Keep it up! Never mind I took two years of German in High School, it was still very understandable.

    Eff the haters. They don’t like your subs, they can go start their own damn subbing group.

    • Progeusz says:

      Oh man, oh man. You really had to mention ice cream? Have some:

      I agree that German in this release actually makes the show a lot better but it doesn’t change the fact that you have brain problems.
      Yeah, I know I’m few days late, w/e

  8. Rin says:

    Although I’m a fluent German speaker, I found it quite annoying with all the German littered in there. Of the two, I liked version 2 better, but one without any German would be best.

    Thanks for the subs btw!

  9. airco says:

    So, after 229 comments, I think we can all agree that adding German into this show was a smashing success. See you all next week!

  10. infinitywulf says:

    The German substitutions gave me a chuckle, so thumbs up for that. ;)

  11. longhaul says:

    actually its more like complaining about having saltine crackers mixed into the free ice cream

  12. Senji_Q says:

    I think somewhere between the two would be best (more towards v2, maybe)

  13. omnia Vanitas says:

    I really liked the german subs in there. Gief moar german subs in naechste Episode, bitte.

  14. bbo says:

    guess this is one of the few things that I won’t watch subbed by commie then as the german mixed in is still irritating. Nobody even uses “über” oder “herrlich” besides kids and people in a sarcastic mood.

  15. Timber says:

    Na ihr Arschlöcher, könnt ihr keine Kritik vertragen, oder warum habt ihr meinen ersten Post nicht veröffentlicht ?

  16. Julio says:

    Lol, glad I took German so I understood it. Keep it up.

  17. Heibi says:

    After watching the episode, please drop the German. It makes the script very hard to follow.


  18. SRD says:

    Keep the German it made the show more enjoyable or if possible both???

  19. MadScientistou says:

    That Mischung between Deutsch and Englisch ist awesome. Keep the deutsche version. :D

  20. Nyuu says:

    V1, no contest. It’s more of a “so bad it’s good” kinda show so the trollsubs fit.

  21. Cliff says:

    I honestly didn’t like the v2 version, I liked the episode itself, but even with a basic understanding of German it was still awkward to see things like ともだち=Tomodachi, or “Friend” being subbed in as “Freund”. It threw me off a little bit to see it done like that and I’d prefer just flat English subs so I wouldn’t have to be confused by it.

  22. kindomo says:

    Keep the German additions, please. It was effing hilarious and fits the show perfectly.

  23. sdsshd says:

    Keep the German.
    I’d actually prefer if you went all-out with real Denglish. Your subs gave me the feeling that you got a real German contributing to the subs, so having actual Denglish could be fucking hilarious.

  24. motaku96 says:

    I liked the little sprinklings of german. But too much is hard to understand. Having to translate already translated subs is uhh…redundant. But definitely keep the little things like wunderbar, ja, freund, etc.

  25. CP says:

    Hm. I was really surprised by your approach. There is no languauge tint in the Japanese, and you still TL to German becuse of the name of the anime. It’s really bad. Sorry. I get the German, but this is really not what subbing is about. I will try to find someone that subs it properly.

  26. raa says:

    I’m not a fan of the german. Feels overused.

  27. Anca says:

    Just picked this up when I saw a screenshot of one of your hilarious half-German lines.

    I hope you’ll do both versions again in the future! Your subs are really great.

  28. Blasterion says:

    this is tyranny beyond hitler!

  29. Doom says:

    Please Please Please drop the German. It is cool for a moment but quickly becomes annoying. So Please Please Please drop the German.

  30. Darkseid says:

    While I understand the reasoning behind subbing with the added German text. I personally think it breaks up the pleasure that many have in watching the show. I know some German and Japanese so I can get along fine if I’m paying attention. But, I’d rather be enjoying the show instead of concentrating on what they are saying. While the comments here are of a decent number, not everyone goes out and looks for you guys. Instead, they are on other sites watching your streams. Where comments are left there as well.