Girls und Panzer der Film

1080p | 720p

There will be a batch with the OVA and extras (NCOPs/NCEDs) at some later date.

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14 Responses to “Girls und Panzer der Film”

  1. meme-chan says:

    took you some time to release it tbh

  2. Xeiros says:

    Thanks to everyone who worked on this. Much appreciated.

  3. oh fuck yes dude oohhhhhh says:


    Now I can finally watch this in its full glory.

  4. Cezar says:

    Horee shit.

  5. Anon says:


    Life’s worth living again. Can’t wait for the rest.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I expected it to be the Psycho-pass movie.

    I’ll watch it later today when it isn’t 5AM right now.

  7. Lilisc says:


    It’s always funny.

  8. Sammy says:

    You guys doing Planetarian?

  9. Anon says:

    This has to be one of the best anime movies I’ve ever seen, thank you so much again.
    Shame about the lack of German though, pls fix for the batch.

  10. Trollhand says:

    Thank you.
    Anime physics in all their glory :)

    Translation at 1:07:36 is wrong.
    “M26 climbs slowly”.