Kizumonogatari 03 END

1080p | 720p

Batch in a few days.

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14 Responses to “Kizumonogatari 03 END”

  1. Blank says:

    any changes on the batch release ? :)

  2. WhoFramedRogerRabbit says:

    Thanks :)

  3. Can't Internet says:

    Three-minute mark: “Araragi, you’re can be pretty sharp when you want to.”

  4. Pikminiman says:

    Many thanks for these movies!

  5. Usale says:

    Owari season 2 when?

  6. blankaex says:

    Thanks herkz

  7. weeb4lyfe says:

    This is your first release for Kizu Part 3, right?

    Thanks for all the hard work guys! With this done, Koyomimonogatari can finally get good subs