Official 10bit Notice

Remember this post?

Well the time has come; Both CCCP and CoreAVC now support 10bit.

Playback: (Note that you only need one of these, not all, to play 10bit)
CoreAVC 3.0.1 (fixes a few things)
LAV Video

We won’t be labeling anything specifically as 10bit, because since when did we label anything anyways. Also if we did label anything it would be [10bit] and not [Hi10P] because Hi10P sounds retarded as fuck.

[email protected]:
I suggest everyone should read some research papers about hi10p at http://x264.nl/x264/ (Atm those last 3 .pdf’s at the bottom) before posting in this post in order to avoid embarrassing yourselves on teh internetz.

Arnavion edit:
Holy shit 500+ comments and it’s the same discussion over and over and FUCKING OVER again. Jesus H Christ do you know how annoying it is to go through butthurt after asspained butthurt comment and approve them all? Comments are FUCKING closed.

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503 Responses to “Official 10bit Notice”

  1. Mr. Gay Men Watch says:

    Apparently CoreAVC 3 hates me so much it will instantly close any player I try to use it with. Not even the Internet seems to be helping me with trying to find out what the fuck is up with is, so I’ll just continue using 2.0 as usual.

    At least SMPlayer + mplayer2 are working well here, so I guess I’ll use them and deal with not having good screencaps. PNG and no file naming are you fucking kidding me

    • erejnion says:

      >not having good screencaps



      • LKGC says:

        PNG is for vector and low color-depth images. JPG is the preferred format for screencaps.

        • Petrushka says:

          >JPG is the preferred format for screencaps.

          but u will need .PNG for screen comparison or ur comparison will be invalid since no one believe it

          • LKGC says:

            TIFF saved using LZW compression is preferred for true image comparisons. PNG can be used, but it is inefficient, as it is designed for images with large contiguous colorspaces.

        • erejnion says:

          What png is designed for is irrelevant; the screencaps with png are by definition good since it’s a lossless format. Oh, and png is ok for anime; or at least, it’s more ok than for live action. Now, I thought smplayer supported jpg too, but anyway it aint much of a work to manually reencode the caps from time to time.

  2. Petrushka says:

    >people get anime freely from internet

    >people got mad because they can’t play it on their plastic toys

    ohhh, i forgot. this is INTERNET

    • 8bit has been around so long it’s become a standard – so people finally have devices that make it possible to push button receive desu watch animu on the big screen tv. Switching to 10bit makes it impossible to use that setup. It’s not hard to figure out why they might not like this development.

      • trololololo says:



        ohhh, i forgot. this is INTERNET

      • Ferrelas says:

        There is no reason to be mad about anything though, anyone should be able to plug a hdmi cable from their computer to their tv now, unless they’ve got a tv that’s not worth bother to watch it on anyway. Besides monitors today are large enought to watch on unless you are sitting half a mile away.

        • anon says:

          when you say that you have absolutely NO idea of what the regular ppl want.
          watching @ 40″ and up tv with a highend reciever and ditto speakers beats a 24″ monitor (the default nowadays) with crappy speakers..
          and yeah.. plugging in a hdmi cable is easiler said than done (most pc’s are not even near the homecinema setup)
          so, to me (and a lot more ppl) 10bit should just be left alone until its fully supported..

          • trololololo says:

            Nope, if you know your software most homecinema setup are not even near proper htpc.

            And plugging HDMI cable is easier to be done than said.

            • anon says:

              nope, HDMI is nice if you got a -good- laptop (again, not really common)
              and the pc on the other floor, or other side of the room isn’t going to like a +10m hdmi cable (neither your electric bill will btw..)

  3. Supernova says:

    Having a problem with potplayer 1.529795.

    Crashes whenever attempting to play a 10bit file. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

  4. pantsface says:

    Finish hansaku iroha plz.

  5. trump says:

    Just use CoreAVC 3.0.1, whiny kids. Problem solved.

  6. uh yeah says:

    I don’t know, but apparently 10bit is a beta support, software render only format that is widely unsupported for hardware rendering and is probably years from public release that offers little improvement for all the crap it deals to some folks.

    The pan out on file size is obviously not there, despite claims earlier… in here. Now the story is video quality, but it’s not a big improvement.

    I don’t get it, unless some folks just get that “I’m elite” feeling on screwing others over.

  7. Petrushka says:

    >I wouldn’t play a commie release

    People wouldn’t listen to ur pathetic whining

  8. Arisato-kun says:

    Just gonna throw this out there, but on this site, white text on background with a giant white thing in the middle, not a great choice.

    Err, can you change the site’s text color so I can actually read the text without haveing to highlight it? Lol.

  9. Hozen says:

    I am not using CCCP, as i will never do so.
    Rather, am using window 7 codec, which is a great tool. it helps play all video format on window media player, even rmvb/rm would. …and hanks to this crappy release of hi10/10bit, all i get is the sound, and no pictures. I tried with MPC Classic, but the image is fucking toying with me.
    So, fuck it, no more Commie release for me.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      So it’s our fault that you’re an obstinate moron who has no idea what he’s doing?

    • Arisato-kun says:

      Try Daum Pot Player. It seems to play everything without having to change settings.

    • sabot3 says:

      You’d prob have to buy windows 8 for the update…

      or you can just dl the ones made by other people…
      lav video decoder ( doesn’t come with mpc-hc, but you can use it as an external filter ) and it will decode 10bit…
      lav splitter/video/audio
      mpc-hc 3751

    • Petrushka says:

      >which is a great tool

      that makes u dumb

    • Shuffleblade says:

      >it helps play all video format on window media player

      >all i get is the sound, and no pictures.

      Sorry I just couldn’t resist, seconded about this making you dumb xD

  10. EdMX says:

    So much hate going on these days. Just wanna say that I gravitated towards Commie because I noticed their vid quality was superior compared to other groups, albeit at the time their translations were iffy.

    Now, I totally support your releases. Translations are neutral (compared to other groups, which I like), but the video quality is by far one of the best. Even if you guys take a little bit longer than the others, I still support you guys. Kudos.

    And to all the whiners, have a kit kat. Seriously, wtf.

  11. FeelsBadMan says:

    Can i make a request for 8-bit? becuz i cant use it on my Mac. Thanks

  12. sabot3 says:

    mplayer/mplayer2 get those for the mac

  13. esaar says:

    So, what should we get for smartphones, tablets, multimedia boxes etc? How to update them to play 10bit?

    • hikaricore says:

      You’re pretty much shit out of luck on many devices with outdated hardware/software. I’m sure some uber-elite jackass will come along and tell you to go fuck yourself for using such devices if you wait long enough, atleast that’s how it went down a couple weeks ago on similar questions.

    • Petrushka says:

      there’re a tons of crappy re-encode group out there

  14. plo138 says:

    I think a lot of people are looking at this the wrong way…

    It’s Commie’s choice to take their work into the 10bit route, let’s call it that, and it’s not our place to blame them. It’s not like we PAY for membership or anything and get cheated out of playing our anime because we can’t get the video player to work properly…

    On the other hand, if a lot of us don’t have the knowledge or patience to setup things right or just liked the way it was, there are a lot of groups out there than can give us anime “xyz” of our choice decently subbed and we don’t need Commie…and we don’t need to give them heat for it.

  15. JJ says:

    For some reason whenever i try and install coreavc i get this http://oi55.tinypic.com/35byzic.jpg message saying error writing temp folder make sure tempfolder is valid and cant install it .Any idea whats going wrong ,the os is win7 32bit.

  16. SabracExe says:

    I have MadVR downdloaded and installed, but under the DirectShow Video options “MadVR” is greyed out.
    I’ve read you need to have a graphics card that supports MadVR, but I’m not sure if my Nvidia Geforce 9800GT supports it.
    Anyone know how I can activate MadVR?

  17. sabot3 says:

    madvr ( requires admin account / run as normal )

    lav splitter /video/audio ( requires “Run as Administrator” )

    mpc 3751+ requires run as normal

    btw, lav video decoder ( comes with cuda / but you gotta enable it ) > coreavc ( cuda or dxva )in both 10bit and 8bit for speed

    • anon says:

      ummmm, you can’t enable cuda/dxva in 10 bit. Absolutely impossible as it stands now. 10 bit is strictly software rendering no matter what codec you use. LAV Filter 0.37 is actually faster in renedering (and free) 8 bit and 10 bit compared to CoreAVC 3.01.

      • trololololo says:

        nope, benched with graphstudio, coreavc is still faster on 8 bit h.264 (diavc is still the king here).

        lav filter is decently 30 fps faster than coreavc on 10 bit on 30fps 720p tho’.

  18. Ghostalker says:

    Kanjouteki subs are releasing 8bit H264/720p mp4 files which is a good thing for people who have problem with 10bit videos but still want decent quality releases.

  19. Ratatosk says:

    Read some research papers? wtf

  20. smeeeeghead says:

    10-bit is great quality. Picture looks great. CCCP can play it. Explain to me how I am supposed to deal with the increased frame rate drop due to rendering? The larger the screen, the more noticeable it is.

    Newer versions of Media Player Classic come with madVR built in. You just have to tell MPC to use it. Using madVR as an external filter increases frame rate drop even more. While you can get VLC to play 10-bit, it doesn’t like it and frame drops are much worse.

    After trying my own solutions and tweeking, as well as (at least 10) other tutorials, I have not been able to figure out how to overcome this. I have tried this on several computers and still no success.

    10-bit quality does look better and sharper. Now to just iron out the fricken kinks. How bout giving an easy to read tutorial (even a link to one) on how to set things up to play 10-bit without problems, or having to reconfigure the player to play 8-bit later. Just a thought.

  21. D3v says:

    MadVR ONLY works with MPC-HC 32-Bit version, for those who only see the option greyed out.. 64bit windows is fine, just not MPC

  22. omgwtfbbq says:

    I like this 10bit stuff, my eyes and my hard drive thank you sir.

  23. GenesisAria says:

    An issue I’m seeing pop up with all the people going to 10-bit is few are taking full advantage of the high10 profile encoding. Hi10anime and Coalgirl has shown full use of the 10-bit; rendering filesize down to like ~120mb while still maintaining the quality of the raws. I don’t know exactly what settings they use, but I know they were more efficient. With your encodes I’m seeing a great increase in CPU need while only hacking a few dozen MB off…

    -and playback, I’ve had the least issues using k-lite (& x64) with MPC-HC x64-

    • smeeeeghead says:

      Somebody must of done a little tweeking between persona 1 and 2 as the cpu needs are lower, and the rendering is faster. There are a lot fewer frame drops compared with ep 1.

      Obviously if you have the processing ability to uncompress and render fast enough, the ability to compress up to the maximum amount is reasonable for you. I care to guess that if you don’t have that ability you will have increased frame delays and drops…but hell, what do I know, I don’t know jack about 10-bit since I can’t get it to play back as nicely as 8-bit.

    • trololololo says:

      If you can’t tell the difference between bluray raw and past 8 bits encode (Even at insane size), then of course you claim it as issue.

  24. Almond says:

    Is there any way to convert 8-bit into 10-bit? I’m getting a bit low on hard drive space and would like to save those couple of GB of memory.

  25. smeeeeghead says:

    Way to go for kicking ass and getting Guilty Crown out there before anyone else and doing a great job with it. Keep up the good work showing everyone why you guys still kick ass.

  26. smeeeeghead says:

    I noticed that I was only getting frame drops in full screen mode. Tweeked around a little with the madVR settings and now I have ZERO frame drops. Too damn tired and my eyes hurt to explain how I did it now. Maybe later…when my eyes aren’t burning.

  27. green says:

    Yibis is the best example in enconding for 400MB filesizes! Never saw better crystal clear results!

  28. Litho says:

    Strange. I don’t have mplayer2 but just plain mplayer from Debian’s Sid repos, and all this 10bitch crap plays fine.

  29. Nu-0 says:

    It seems no matter what i use, it still slows down.
    DXVA isn’t supported right?
    will it be supported anytime soon?
    (I hate doing this.)

    • RHExcelion says:

      It won’t, use frame-skipping

    • anon says:

      As it stands there are no gfx chip/discrete cards that can decode 10 bit through hardware period (some highend workstation cards can but they cost mega money and are slow with 3d ). I don’t see hardware manufactures implementing hardware decoding anytime soon seeing as only anime fansubbers have adopted it usage.

      • Ferrelas says:

        Horrible how the rest of the world lags behind eh?

        Luckily the fansub community keeps pushing it (and forcing me to get svn builds of mplayer and ffmpeg). :)

  30. yksdjflakj says:

    what should i do if i want to use zoom player with the new cccp? i just updated it and i cant use it anymore, now it only reproduces audio, at least one thing i noticed is different is it screwed up fddshow etc

    • derpityderpderp says:

      Stop using zoom player.

    • monkeezpoo says:

      Why? what’s wrong with zoomplayer? I use zoomplayer max v.7.0 with with cccp and have never had any problems playing… well any format i’ve thrown at it. Can’t say the same for coreavc or vlc, but mpc-hc is a great alternative.

  31. Jackass says:

    Butt fuck and cock suck-10 bit sucks donkey dicks.Coreavc 3.01 sucks dick too.

  32. mannus says:

    MPC-HC 32-bit and MadVR running on W7 X64 and no problems here. Athlon 7750 Kuma and MSI ATi 4670.

  33. Litho says:

    Alright, just tested on 3 of my comps. Recent builds of mplayer (cli) all play this 10bit crap fine. Packages obtained from ArchLinux’s standard repos, Debian Unstable multimedia repos and OpenBSD ports. Slowest machine is the OpenBSD one which is a Pentium Dual Core E2180 @ 2.00GHz.

    All seem to play this 10bit crap just fine, so I won’t be complaining….. for now.

  34. Bab says:

    10p hates me! For the sake of.. please please pleaaase make an 8bit version!!!

  35. Iskandar says:

    guys, quit the whining.
    use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.8.0. plays 10bit perfectly

  36. Sesshoumaru says:

    The three technial papers on top are directed towards production chain process.. so while actual production of anime (e.g.). There is no relation to what you guys are doing. You assume making 10bit encodes from 8bit sources are superior in quality. So an additonal processing makes the quality better? Well, its your thing, do as you please..

    • Petrushka says:

      no need to explain it for retard like you ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

      • Petrushka says:

        and i bet u never read all the papers

        • Buraze says:

          It never gets better then the 8bit source. It’s impossible too, by upscaling you normalize the quality and decrease operator errors for the individuals trying to encode it, making it easier more then better or quicker (quicker theoretically only if there was an error meaning you have to redo the project again). If you take 256 lines and apply them to 1024, you get 256 spread across 1024. All sources are 8bit, with few exceptions. You can avoid banding even in a 8bit encode, you can avoid artifacts in an 8bit encode. You can prevent some rounding errors by increasing the bitrate count. Or you can also run a 8bit source, through a 10bit encoder with a 8bit output to decrease rounding errors. Or you can upscale the entire video to save on space, and not have to worry about technical details on how to encode as much as worry about distribution. Personally, I like 8bit encodes because then I can stream it instead of hunching over in my computer chair staring at a 23 inch screen when I can just relax in front of a 42 inch screen and stream off the PS3. This isn’t my choice though. I am happy the anime is subbed for me, so I don’t have to look at raws and translate for myself, I’d end up spending to much time rewinding certain scenes, namely quick speech, or heavy speech scenes.

          • DmonHiro says:

            Connect you f-ing PC to your f-ing TV using an f-ing HDMI cable?
            Why is that so hard for you f-ing retards?

            • anon says:

              Don’t even gave to do that. Just move your chair back. Sitting 10+ ‘ from a 23” screen doesn’t compromise a thing.

    • trololololo says:

      question 1 : what do you think hapeen on encoding process?

      question 2 : what do you think result from encoding process, in relation to input vs output quality.

      question 3 : are you familiar with x264 code?

      question 4 : what makes you think they’re talking about “better than sources” rather than “better than 8 bit encoded one at the same bitrate/crf” ?

      answer them please

      • NakkiNyan says:

        Your comment is lost on the idiots. They refuse to see the many comparisons given online and just whine because they boxee can’t play it.

  37. Dark Legion says:

    Can K-lite Codec play 10bit video files?

  38. blees1704 says:

    Watch Anime on 10bit is better than 8bit…thx Commie 4 your fansubs….

  39. LSD says:

    coreavc 3+ crashes all my movie players and fddshow is too slow, so no 10bit for me *crys in a corner

  40. Sesshoumaru says:

    @trololololo: Please explain to me how to make better quality with 10bit encode from 8bit source. Its only about filesize. What makes you think I care about file sizes? What is creeper? A larger HDD or a new PC/Laptop/Mediacenter/Networkplayer? Answer me please^^…

    @Petrushka: Pardon my impertinence.. I’am just an engineer working in the field of image processing.

    • trololololo says:

      “Please explain to me how to make better quality with 10bit encode from 8bit source”

      You can’t (well, you can, depending on your definition of quality*), but usually group have filesize constraint to keep and not everybody in this world have decent internet to download bigger filesize to keep 8 bit quality video on par with 10 bit.

      And what is better? clinging to less optimal solution or pushing through new and better at the cost of some trivial inconvenience.

      You can reencode the damn thing to 8 bit anyway, it wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes if you have half decent pc. Oh wait, you’re moaning because you can’t play 10 bit video, I guess it’ll take a little while, stick with crappy reencode group.

      *like filtering the banding on some bad source, or, depending how you roll. denoising. On 10 bit it just would look better than 8 bit at same bitrate.

    • Petrushka says:

      filesize is not the main purpose of 10bit.
      Far more information is preserved from the original, removing such issues as banding and poor detail in dark scenes. here we talk about anime, so banding is always an issue here, and with 10bit, banding is less. ofc encoder will be happier

      • d-_-b says:

        I don’t think you read the papers -____-

        • Petrushka says:

          i do, but i doubt u read it

          • NakkiNyan says:

            I did read the papers, you missed something.

            With 10bit you can compress a massive file with extremely high bitrate and not have to worry about banding because the other 2 bits fill in the gaps of colorspace lost. People are just complaining because they see files the same size on Nyaa, not comparing the quality to raws.

            • trololololo says:

              And that banding could also be alleviated with high bitrate 8 bit encode, hence the filesize concern.

              If you don’t believe it, go on, try it yourself, shouldn’t be hard.

  41. niggaBLACK says:

    ha ha ha

    u so funnay

    suck me dick hoe

  42. les says:

    I know that you don’t care about what people think, but commie fansub general douche baggery attracts the lowest of the low.

    Case in point, judging form the comments, the racists and homophones are your most ardent supporters and that says something commie subs.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      I’ve decided to start moderating the comments more because I’m tired of the really shitty ones as much as you are.

  43. kokodin says:

    Basicaly you need newest codecs to play those 10 bit whatever. I am kind of suprised. Why the hell didn’t you guys post it for a while, so we morons could get it through ours thick skulls? Figured it out on my own after downloading exact the same crapy loocking LE from another group.
    Simply posting a notice like” it’s 10 bit guys, get newest codecs to play it ” in red under download links could solve entire problem before it even occured.
    And sorry for the caraoke thing, i was thinking about fffp’s. Your’s was actualy quite bearable.

    • Petrushka says:

      >Simply posting a notice like” it’s 10 bit guys, get newest codecs to play it ” in red under download links could solve entire problem before it even occured.

      they had did it long time ago, but it seems useless
      because there will a retard, no matter what we do

  44. p0kem0n says:

    Will you guys be adding your subs to a 10bit 1080p steins gate? would be a trip :) and i would donate lots of money!

  45. Sesshoumaru says:

    I’am not saying that 10bit is bad, the idea is good in principle. The next codec generation HEVC – sometimes called h265 – will push the limit to QuadHD and 12, even 14, bit color precision.

    I’am just saying that a hard cut to not release 8bit anymore is improvident, because of all the systems (hardware decoders, week processor system, etc..) are not supporting it yet.

    Whenever I need to watch 10bit encodes I will use my HTPC or re-encode it for the hardware decoders. Thats it.

    • trololololo says:

      That is like chickend and egg question? though in this case most people have incubator to hatch the egg.

      (Sorry for bad analogy :p)

      also lolHEVClol

      It may be usable when it’s out, but even then I doubt it’ll be as good as x264, it’ll need years to catch up.

      In contrary 10 bit is now and perfectly usable.

  46. narutolost says:

    Why don’t you just release a regular version in a format everyone is used to? I can’t get any of this crap to work on my pc, and I’m tempted to just wait for the next release by another group.

    • narutolost says:

      Okay I got it to work with smplayer, but I still hold you should release simultaneously in a more compatible format.

  47. "Bob" says:

    I cant get any method on here to work. I think my hardware might not be good enough (shitty HP laptop I bought late last year). What do I need to improve with?

    • Petrushka says:

      u can try to turn off the animation subtitle, decrease subs resolution to 800*600, or choose another renderer like Haali, EVR, or something like that. ohh and don’t forget to use LAV audio & video renderer ;)

  48. Guizkane says:

    I’m using madvr and it’s working, but the subtitles don’t show.

  49. Rishtopher says:

    So I’ve downloaded all the required components and also went to the Playback page and followed all the steps. I can play 10bit vids fine, but the subs don’t show.

    What could I have done wrong and what kind of information should I give you to help me? I can tell you that subs don’t show on 8bit stuff either now and I’ve tried reverting the sub options in MPC-HC but to no avail. Also, when I right click, the Subtitles menu is grayed out so that can’t be a good sign…

    • Rishtopher says:

      Ah, so I can’t get it to work with MPC-HC but SMPlayer seems to be able to do it fine. I forgot to try that. Sorry for that!

      For now, I’ll continue to use SMPlayer, but if you have any suggestions for why it doesn’t work on MPC-HC, that would be great too. Thanks in advance!