Gurren Lagann The Movie – Childhood’s End


Commie giving thanks to the Natives.




Commie brings you something to watch on those TVs you bought for Black Friday.

A Kyhz-Tehshower-faggosaurus-Juular-skiddiks-Orcus Production.

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24 Responses to “Gurren Lagann The Movie – Childhood’s End”

  1. Shirt says:

    *Blame Kyhz-Tehshower-faggosaurus-Juular-skiddiks-Orcus if Anything is Wrong

  2. jojo says:

    So is it better than EG version?

  3. Dannphou says:

    Are you guys going to do the second movie?

  4. keemeef says:

    commie gives thanks? huh…

  5. jaQbek says:

    Orcus do you know only 1 response?

  6. tester says:

    I would like to see how this compares with EntertheBlog’s version.
    Also is this an original translation? Or a edit of the retail subs?

    • herkz says:

      Edit of the R1 subs.

      Also contains actual typesetting and song translation/styling.

      AKA not extremely lazy like EG’s release (though they do have a good encode).

    • skiddiks says:

      From ETB’s website:

      “EnterTheBlog is a ‘group’ that makes halfassed rips of R1 DVDs with no concern for detail, translation accuracy, timing, or any other metric one might normally use to gauge DVD-rip quality with.”

      I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that ours is better.

  7. Chinko Drill says:

    orcus pls

  8. bblox says:

    GOBBLE GOBBLE, commies.

  9. ng says:

    Can/Should you watch it without knowing the series?