Yowamushi Pedal BD Volume 1


Should be a lot more BDs soon-ish since nothing’s airing right now. Hopefully.

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21 Responses to “Yowamushi Pedal BD Volume 1”

  1. Sage009 says:

    Screw the BDs, finish the shows you already started!

  2. stardrago says:

    OK, so this is out, but not any of the bd versions of Symphogear G, why?

  3. GeassGx says:

    I ask this a while back but don’t think I got a straight answer so will you guys be doing The Eotena Onslaught BD? Also are you guys still working on Seitokai no Ichion Lv. 2 BD?

  4. Shuuru says:

    thanks, guys

  5. SatouSei says:

    I assume this show gets nipples on teh bds, thanks.

  6. Cael says:

    Nice work! Also, where’s BlazBlue at?

  7. Guffy says:

    So here
    said Space Brothers didn’t air this week

    According to AnimeNewsNetwork
    Episode 88 aired at December 28.

    Even aniDB
    says that Episode 88 aired at December 28.
    The funny thing is, that aniDB says that Episode 89 will aired at January 11 and Episode 90 at January 18 – 2013 !!!!

    So is there some Webpage that show’s the real broadcasting time of this show ?

  8. sucht says:

    is there a reason you’r not doing “BD 1080p”?
    anyway thanks for doing the BD’s at all, since no one else is doing them.