Serious Business

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Tokyo Ghoul 10


Xythar: Two episodes in one day? It’s a Christmas miracle!

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Tokyo Ghoul 09


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Silver Spoon 2 BD Volume There Is Only One Volume


Like with the first season, the video is basically identical to CR’s video, so don’t expect an upgrade there. There are also some minor script changes and updated lyrics.

The next longer project should be Ping Pong, by the way.

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Ace of the Diamond 50


herkz: Still here a year later. Some of us, anyway.

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A Personal Request from skiddiks

Well, this is extremely awkward for me, but I will keep this as short as possible.
For the last 16 years I’ve been playing Gauntlet Legends at arcades.
For those interested, I played as the wizard.
For the same 16 years I’ve been trying to find a job, and just when I thought I had managed to find one,
fansubbing screwed me out of it. (I quit my job to sub anime). And then from another one.
As a result, I have to start looking for a job from the beginning.
But there’s a small problem. A new Gauntlet came out last week.
This is the part where people would say: “Buy it, you fucking NEET.”
I can’t, for the reason detailed above.
Which is why I’m going to do the impossible, and ask for donations toward a 4-pack of the new Gauntlet.

I’m basically saying “Donate $x because I don’t want to pay  for video games myself.”
As such, I will leave donations open for a set period of time.
Any leftover money will go towards me buying the Teekyuu CDs that aren’t uploaded anywhere.
If you have any questions or just simply want to mock me/hate on me for this, feel free to approach me on IRC, or in the comments below.
Likewise, if by some bizarre coincidence you decide to donate, you should leave an email so I can contact you with the relevant donation details. Or gift it to me on Steam.
That is all.

Also skiddiks:
I’d like to preempt some questions before they’re even asked. None of the current donations go towards any of the members’ pockets, and are entirely used for server bills. This donation will go directly to me, and I trust that I will be spending the money on a Gauntlet™ 4-Pack on steam (and possibly Teekyuu CDs). I haves done a considerable amount of work for the group, and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Commie releases will all get delayed if I go out and get a job. In fact, when I got a job a few seasons ago, everything got held back more than usual.

Edit: Someone actually donated me a copy. Still taking money for Teekyuu CDs, I suupose.

Edit 2: Donating to the gratipay goes to the server, not me ;_;

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Sword Art Online II 13


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jdp: amazing budget

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Yowamushi Pedal BD Volume 10


>tfw 5 episodes in one day

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