Ao Haru Ride 10, Panzer OVA, Monogatari BD Volume 6, Yama 2 06

Ao Haru Ride 10

Girls und Panzer OVA
1080p | 720p

By the way, there is only the normal track with German this time. And the 1080p has 5.1 audio.

Monogatari S2 BD Volume 6
1080p | 720p

Yama no Susume S2 06

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12 Responses to “Ao Haru Ride 10, Panzer OVA, Monogatari BD Volume 6, Yama 2 06”

  1. Pikminiman says:

    Any day with new Monogatari BDs is a good day. Many thanks for that.

  2. Robbot says:

    What is with the mega links to get the torrent? It is a pain in the butt to get, especially when my network blocks mega for malware.

    • herkz says:

      because we can’t host them on NT right now obviously

      also that’s pretty hilarious

      • Baltor says:

        It would be nice if you could post the magnet links as well. Then the people can use that instead of the mega downloads.

        • herkz says:

          that sounds like effort

          if you really can’t use mega, someone has been posting them to TT with a different host

        • Pikminiman says:

          Here are magnet links for you.

          Ao Haru Ride 10:

          Girls und Panzer OVA (1080p):

          Girls und Panzer OVA (720p):

          Monogatari S2 BD Volume 6 (1080p):

          Monogatari S2 BD Volume 6 (720p):

          Yama no Susume S2 06:

  3. erejnion says:

    eta until you translate the site and host the translated version?

  4. Xephron says:

    There’s a typo in your Monogatari SS BD episode 03. 15:05.
    “I’m don’t realize how dangerous darkness is,”

  5. Adam says:

    Plan to finish Monogatari?