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Free! Eternal Summer BD batch & Usakame batch

Free! Eternal Summer
1080p | 720p | BD commentary

I assume if you want to listen to the audio commentary, you know how to mux the files in yourself. I also reseeded the season 1 BD batches since I imagine some people might want to download them.


Batch with no changes for ease of download. CR’s video for this is shockingly watchable (except episode 11 which they fucked up), so it’s actually getting a batch unlike Teekyuu, which is barely watchable pre-BD.

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Granblue Fantasy

Anyone got a crew with decent buffs and NA strike times (after 7:30PM CST) I could join?
If I can’t find one I’ll probably look to start up my own.

ID: 10962389

If you haven’t checked out the game before, check it out. It’s pretty fun, has English translations, and is fully voiced by top-tier VAs.

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He is risen indeed

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I hope you go bankrupt

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